About Debra

Drawing by Margot Sher, age 11

A life-long student of the written language, storytelling, syntax, grammar, and the music of words, I will step into your thought-process and bring forth the best version of the work inside you.

Along the way, whether you’re writing historical fiction, young adult fantasy fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, or technical writing, I’ll further your skills and confidence while we partner to craft powerful stories, and crisp , compelling prose.


Dubbed “Grammar Queen” in high school, Debra received a B.A. in ancient Greek and Latin from Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT), where she read plays such as the Medea and the The Bacchae and excerpts from the Iliad and Odyssey in ancient Greek, and an M.F.A. in creative writing from the Warren Wilson MFA Program in Writing (Asheville, NC), where she studied with award-winning writers such as Charles Baxter, Thomas Lux, Brooks Haxton, Stephen Dobyns, Antonia Nelson, and others.

She is co-founder of On The Fly Story-Slam, a monthly live story-telling venue in the Hudson Valley.


  1. “Debra is an incredible asset to my writing process.”
  2. “I continue to take risks that I could never have imagined taking. The result is that I now have a product I can confidently share with the publishing house of my dreams.”
  3. “I highly recommend Debra as an editor for her editing skills, but also for her impressive communication and coaching abilities.”


Drawing by Margot Sher, age 11