Debra is an incredible asset to my writing process. I initially retained Debra to edit my debut novel and got so much more: development editor, sensitivity editor, copy editor, and writing coach, all in one! Not only did she help improve my manuscript, but she has pushed me to grow as a writer. Her insightful perspectives have helped sculpt the content of my stories. She provides thorough explanations of all her proposed changes and the “why” behind her suggestions. Through her process, she has coached (pushed) me to be a better writer, assisting me in finding (and polishing) my voice as an author. She is my go-to, and would highly recommend her to any author wanting to bring their writing to the next level.

Sharon | Author, Entrepreneur, Founder of FCi Federal

When I started working with Debra I had no confidence in myself as a writer. I could write, but I didn’t know how to organize my thoughts on paper in ways that were engaging to the reader, and my punctuation was sloppy. Debra helped me identify and fix those problems. Kindly and thoughtfully, she pointed out where I needed to make changes and pushed me to put more of myself on the page. With her help, I have been able to do as many re-writes as my book needed, each time gaining trust in my process and confidence in my ability to tackle whatever comes up. I have taken and continue to take risks that I could never have imagined taking. The result is that I now have a product I can confidently share with the publishing house of my dreams.

John | Writer, Psychotherapist

Debra was very professional in her approach to understanding our needs and timeline. I found her to be efficient and effective in her editing, and she provided helpful comments and language suggestions to replace problematic sentences and structure. Debra was also comfortable with the technical content and with reviewing the syntax of scientific citations. I highly recommend Debra as an editor for her editing skills, but also for her impressive communication and coaching abilities.

Michael | Health Systems Manager at American Cancer Society